Mody University

Mody School and Mody University

The Hindusthan Group manifestly acknowledges the paramount role that a high standard of education, especially that of women, plays in the comprehensive development of the country. This benevolent vision has given rise to two thriving establishments actively serving as centers of knowledge and intellectual development for female students.

Mody School and Mody University of Science & Technology, situated at Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan, are dedicated institutions as the educational arms of The Hindusthan Group, to generate a superior class of transformative leaders in all modern fields of advancement.

For the tutelage of today’s girls, tomorrow’s women
Mody University of Science and Technology was established by Shri R. P. Mody in the year 1998 with the mission of providing a platform for the educational progress of society in India. The concept of a university meant exclusively for the tutelage of girls is proof of his visionary and philanthropic mindset.

The practical implementation of his ideas shines in Mody University in the form of a scientific and technological system imparting as well as applying knowledge. This is an essential factor in the inculcation of information and the promotion of innovation, so that the alumni truly possess the ability of serving the world in their own fields of study.

A diverse range of disciplines are taught in different branches of the university, comprising the following:
  • Arts, Science and Humanities (CASH)
  • Architecture and Design (CAD)
  • Business Management, Economics and Commerce (COBMEC)
  • Engineering and Technology (CET)
  • Fashion Design and Merchandising (CFDM)
  • Law and Governance (CLG)

Modern education with moral values

The chief vision behind the potency of Mody University is the provision of a firm platform to promote the growth of vigorous and healthy competition among women, keeping in mind the founder’s dream of beholding the female section of the society as equals with men in every aspect. This, accompanied by the university’s goal of inculcation of unmatchable excellence and talent in its students, along with moral and ethical values, has led to a revolutionary institute creating ideal citizens for the country. The sincerity and success of the institute in achieving these objectives is the fact that the university mandates, and has ceaselessly achieved best of the talent across all fields.

Reflecting a perfect blend of tradition and modernity

A sense of serenity is propagated across the campus due to the vast greenery that traverses its entire length and breadth. The students, infrastructure and overall aura reflect a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. This peaceful and green environment made of myriad facets of culture and advancement further promotes learning and innovation among students. Mody University, therefore, portrays unequalled commitment towards the uplift of women, with a mix of technology and closeness to nature displayed in the educational system, infrastructure and social environment.