Hindusthan Engineering & Industries

Hindusthan Engineering and Industries Ltd (HEIL) is a well-focused, innovation-driven and rapidly growing corporation in contemporary India. The company came into existence 7 decades ago, and at present, occupies a formidable place among the top market leaders in India.

Having strategic alliances with global industry leaders and state-of-the-art in-house Research & Development wing, the company principally produces Rolling Stock, Railway Track Materials, Gas-based chemicals and Jute products. Presently, it is manufacturing and supplying Bogies, Couplers, Draft Gears, and CMS Crossings to Ministry of Railways, and is one of the largest producer of Bogies, Side Frames, Bolsters, Couplers, Draft Gears and other components for Rolling Stock.

The company holds the license of Standard Car Truck Company, U.S.A for Barber design freight Bogies. It is the first company in India to develop anode yokes for supply to Aluminium Smelters.

Business stature and vision

As a well-recognized Export House, the company has developed export market across the globe. Following the policy of constant innovation, it has always kept pace with the needs of continuous modernization of its plants to keep abreast with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The vision of the company encompasses an ongoing search for newer products, opportunities and markets across the globe.